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Cosy little private house on an island
3 pessoas
1 Quarto
1 Casa de banho
45 m2
A partir de  1 514  / 30 dias
incluindo contas e internet

Casa para alugar - Puerto del Rosario


About the accommodation
By booking this stay you would book the whole little house for up to three people.

Please read the property description below for more info.

In this cosy little private house on the unique island of Fuerteventura, you’ll find a very nice atmosphere to work and relax. Built with a lot of love, creativity and collaboration of people from many cultures, it has the purpose to create a space for sharing and growing with respect for nature-environment and life.

The cosy private house includes a bedroom, private kitchen and dining area with a desk and office chair.

The spacious bedroom is located on the first floor. It has a comfy double bed (150cm x 180cm), and the possibility of adding an extra single bed (90cm x 180cm). In the room there is also a low table and 3 pouf-style seatings, a chair and a shelf to place clothes. Two coat racks, lamps on the sides of the bed and near the work table.

In the bathroom next to the bedroom, you’ll find a shower, toilet, towels, hair dryer, soaps and homemade natural eco friendly shampoos and other necessities (ear sticks, make-up remover cotton, first aid kit).

Downstairs, in the kitchen you can find everything you need to cook, in addition to a small fridge, a kettle, Italian coffee makers of various sizes, toaster, beach equipment (umbrella, games). There is a shelf to place the purchase, a table for 4 people and several chairs, as well a desk to work with plugs nearby.

The house is not shared with other guests. The owner lives next door and is always happy to welcome guest and share her knowledge of the area.

Many activities are organized all week: Tuesday yin yoga healing, Thursday kundalini yoga, Saturdays can be creating natural soaps, cooking, pottery, gardening...

Work features
- Amazing WiFi (25-100 Mbps down)
- Both shared and private workspaces

Home features
- Vegetarian friendly
- Vegan friendly

Activities available onsite
- Thursday afternoon kundalini yoga
- Saturdays various sizes: natural soaps, cooking, gardening


Activities in the area
- Hiking
- Jet skiing
- Diving
- Snorkelling
- Horseback riding

Flora and fauna
Despite its mountainous appearance, Fuerteventura is in fact a very low-lying Island and because of this the moisture-laden trade winds (alisios) pass over the Island without releasing their moisture as rain. For this reason, and because of centuries of overgrazing, the Island is very arid with predominantly desert and semi-desert flora and fauna.

Saltbrush, Tabaiba and other semi-desert species are predominant in many areas with scattered Canary Palms around settlements. The only exceptions to this are on the highest peaks of the Jandia Peninsula where endemics such as the cactus-like Cardon de Jandia can be found.

All of the mammals found on Fuerteventura were either introduced deliberately or accidentally with the exception of Bats. Of note is the Moorish Ground Squirrel which has become something of a tourist attraction at many of the miradors around the island.Despite the fact that they have been covered in a tourist attraction, please do not feed them as they have become covered in a plague because they are very proliferating and do not have predators on the island. Other mammals found on the island include Barbary Hedgehogs, Rabbits, Mice and Shrews as well as feral populations of Donkeys and Goats. Since most of the island is semi-desert, many of the more notable bird species found here are semi-desert species such as the Houbara Bustard, Stone Curlew and Cream-Coloured Courser. There is one endemic species, The Canary Islands Chat, which is found in some of the gullies around the island.

Some of the more notable/exotic species around the island include Hammerhead Sharks, Parrot Fish, Swordfish, various Tuna species and Flying Fish (which can be seen from excursions and ferries).

Social ecosystem
In about a 10 min drive you can get to Puerto del Rosario, the capital of Fuerteventura. It is also the largest town and the economic heart of the island. The town of less than forty thousand inhabitants is actually the only city on the island. The other places do not qualify as cities, but are all villages, urbanisations and hamlets. Puerto del Rosario is a late bloomer. Hence, unfortunately, not an impressive historic city center with buildings from different eras, but a fairly simple city where the port, However being a small city, there are many cultural and artistic attractions to see. A large sculpture park at street level offers visitors a splendid set of more than 100 sculptures located in squares, squares and roundabouts. Avenida de los Reyes de España and Calle Primero de Mayo are the most important places. As a city itself, it offers few attractions. In the center, the partly pedestrian shopping street Calle Primero de Mayo forms the heart of the city. Here, shops are interspersed with cafeterias and other catering establishments. About halfway down the street, at the height of Calle Virgin del Rosario and Calle León y Castillo, there are three buildings that are worth seeing. There you will find the beautifully designed church Iglesia Nuestra Señora del Rosario, the town hall and the Casa Museo Unamuno. Other places of interest are the lime ovens, the promenade, the Juan Ismael art gallery.

Worth mentioning is the salt museum in Las Salinas del Carmen (around 30 min drive from the accommodation). These are the only saltworks in Fuerteventura still in operation. During your visit, you can be a salt worker for one day and learn a lot about this profession. Del Carmen Saltworks produces salt of the highest quality due to the cleanliness of its water. In addition, the peculiar way of obtaining salt from sea “foam” together with the traditional daily skimming delivers white, fine salt which is very rich in trace elements. A place to visit if you're interested in discovering the history of producing this condiment on the island.


How to get there
International airport: Fuerteventura Airport (FUE)

To get to the accommodation from the airport:
- by public transport: take a bus number 3, 16 or 10 to Puerto del Rosario (7 min, €1-2), then change to bus number 7 to Los Estancos - Estancos Rot. (3 times per day, 10 min, €1,50). From there you will have a 7 min walk to the accommodation.
- by taxi: 15 min, €22-27

Property guidelines
1. No smoking
2. Check-in time
3. Check out time

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Sobre o Senhorio
Valeria L.
Na Flatio desde Julho 2022
Artist of life, traveling inward

Hello, I live in Fuerteventura with my two children, great teachers of my life. My great passions are Art in general, as a way of life; Gardening, I like living in the countryside surrounded by plants and trees, walking barefoot on the ground; Bioconstruction, working with the earth and recycled materials; Organize workshops, experiences and meetings to share, co-create a sustainable life, based on respect and love.
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