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Splendid flat in downtown 2 BR 75 nm2
2 pessoas
2 Quartos
1 Casa de banho
75 m2
A partir de  1 041  / 30 dias
incluindo contas e internet

Apartamento para arrendar - Budapest

Hi, All is new, spacious and beautiful apartment nearby Blaha Lujza Tér. 2 minutes walk to metro station (M2, M4) and buses. The flat is a short walk to the popular party district. The apartment is on the first floor, there is also elevator. This 75m2 Huge 2 Bedrooms Apartment has just been renovated in 2017 from A to Z , with nice spaces in it , 2 spacious bedrooms , big beds , nice furniture , big living room, big kitchen , bathroom with tub , Perfect for couples and also for singles who who love space

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Internet speed for your remote work or entertainment


500 Mbps


N/A Mbps

Basic furniture
Mesa de café
Clothes closet
For the most convenient stay
Roupa de cama
Tábua de engomar
Clothes drying rack
Electronic devices
Ar condicionado
Mobile air conditioning
Apple TV
Ferro de engomar
Máquina de lavar roupa
Máquina de secar roupa
Máquina de café
Water boiler
Slow cooker
Placa de aquecimento
Fogão a gás
Wine cooler
Ice maker
Other gaming console
Robotic vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Robotic lawn mover
Lawn mover
Building matters
Heating (Electronic)
Something for the kids
Baby crib
Bed for children
High chair
Electronic babysitter
Breath monitor
Toilet seat
Baby bath
Changing table
Playground (outdoor)
Security features
Security lock
Security enter door
Smoke detector
CO detector
Standard door lock
Subscriptions (included in price)
TV por cabo
Amazon Prime
Apple TV+
YouTube TV
Something little bit extra
Swimming pool
Hot tub
Acesso de cadeira de rodas
Handrail (Grab bar)
Shower seat
Shower chair
Stair lift
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Quartos e equipamento
Shower icon
15 m2
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Shower icon
Bedroom 2
15 m2
Não é de passagem
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Shower icon
Casa de banho
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Living room icon
Sala de estar
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Kitchen icon
Condições de arrendamento
Arrendar por 30 dias
1 041 
Contas e internet
Incluído na renda
Taxa de reserva
19  0 
Taxa de serviço
Duração do arrendamento
Duração mínima do arrendamento
120 dias
Duração máxima do arrendamento
Disponível a partir de
Proibido fumar
Não são permitidos animais de estimação
Parties not allowed
Política de cancelamento
Rigorosa (30 dias)
Pode cancelar a reserva gratuitamente até 30 dias antes de se mudar. Leia a politica de cancelamento.
Alojamentos de reserva
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Mudança segura. Providenciamos um alojamento alternativo se algo não estiver ok com o apartamento.
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Tenant photo
When I started working as a flight attendant in Budapest, I needed an apartment that would be well connected to the airport. Having in mind a well-connected one, it is one from which I can easily get to the airport at any time of the day or night. A place from which various means of transport will often depart. At the same time, I wanted an apartment where I could have a good rest, I would find restaurants with good food in the area, and I would also do the necessary shopping on the way home. And I found the perfect apartment. After crossing the threshold, I felt at home. The owner of the apartment took care of every detail of the decor, made sure that it was cozy and that nothing was missing. The layout of the apartment is brilliant. There are two separate rooms, a bathroom and a kitchen with a kitchenette and a sofa so comfortable that when you sat down for a chat, it was hard to get up. The bathroom was brilliantly invented - a bathtub. There is nothing better than to come back after a hard day's work, pour yourself a beautifully scented liquid from a nearby drugstore and relax. One of the rooms is a typical ... princess room! It has a mezzanine floor, high enough for easy walking. There is a desk where you can work and a large comfy bed! I think many princesses would like to be locked in such a tower and would not wait for a knight at all; D
I spent the winter so sweetly in the cold half of the year and it was fantastic!
The neighbors are nice, the neighborhood is quiet and peaceful, and you can easily walk to the most important places of Budapest in just a few minutes. Around the corner there are restaurants with delicious food. But the best thing to write about is the owner herself - She is an amazing, warm person, full of optimism and always smiling. She made sure that we had everything we needed, and contact with her is pure pleasure. I'll miss.
Avaliado em: 16.04.2022
Tempo de permanência 6 mês
Tenant photo
The Appartment was really splendid, end even more than this. It is situated in a very comfortable district with walking distance to everywhere: shopping mall, groceries, center sights, Duna river, City park, metro stations and public transportation stops.
The place itself is designed with great love to details, brilliantly clean, light, and has all the necessary staff you may need during your stay.
It has 2 bedrooms, both comfortable and one with a second floor bad, to stay cozy and separated from your mates if needed). A large kitchen designed in a way that you can cook anything you like with comfort.
You can pass your time relaxed, take a bath after work, sleep in a second floor tiny bedroom and all the small details like different candles, Buddha's, pictures on the wall will make you really feel HOME. I stayed in Budapest for 2 months for the work reasons, but i left my home in Ukraine due to war - and thanks to this place I felt finally safe and even happy.
It was a pleasant stay for me, a great experience, I have a strong wish to return here one day.
A separate word about the Landlord Ilona…
She is great, a person with an extremely kind soul, very helpful, cheerful and friendly. She can answer any question and help you to find anything you need in the city and she makes you to feel supported in every situation may occur.
I highly recommend Ilona as a Landlord and I was pleased to meet her in my life.
Avaliado em: 03.06.2022
Tempo de permanência 2 mês
Disponibilidade da oferta
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Sobre o Senhorio
Ilona Z. 5
Na Flatio desde Janeiro 2020
Responde dentro de 2 horas
Herói da vizinhança
Senhorio experiente
I am Ilona , living in Budapest. I love this beautiful city and I would be more than happy to welcome you in one of my apartments! (I rent six apartments by Flatio ) It would be a pleasure to provide you more information that can make you feel at home in my city. I've been an Airbnb superhost for over 6 years and would now be happy to welcome guests for longer stays. I hope anyone who chooses our apartment will feel themselves at home and will love our place as much as we do. Looking forward to hear about you. Kind regards :)
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CTT - Correios
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Serviços de emergência
7 minutos
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A estação principal está a 7 minutos de distância (usando transportes públicos). Veja também a disponibilidade de outros serviços próximos.
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Verificamos pessoalmente este proprietário.
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Comparado com agências imobiliárias tradicionais poderá poupar em média 400 EUR.
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Qual a mobília padrão dos apartamentos?
Todos os apartamentos oferecidos na Flatio devem atender a certos padrões. Exigimos que todos sejam totalmente mobilados e equipados, com Wifi e contas incluídas no preço final.
O que é um arrendamento de média duração?
A duração de um arrendamento de média duração é geralmente de 1 a 12 meses. A maioria dos proprietários oferece arrendamentos de longo prazo ou por apenas alguns dias, portanto, conseguir um arrendamento de média duração sem a ajuda da Flatio pode não ser assim tão fácil.
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Garantimos a veracidade de todos os nossos anúncios! Se algum deles não for exatamente como aparece na oferta, receberá o seu dinheiro de volta e providenciaremos um alojamento temporário.

Como posso pagar?
Na Flatio pode escolher entre uma variedade de métodos de pagamento. Pode usar o seu cartão, ou transferência bancária. Basta escolher o método que mais se adapta a si.
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Contudo, suponha que o proprietário já aprovou o seu pedido de reserva, e já não está interessado no mesmo. Nesse caso, ainda pode cancelar a reserva antes de assinar o contrato de arrendamento. No entanto, só deve fazê-lo em situações excepcionais, dado que quanto o proprietário aceita a sua reserva, a propriedade deixa de estar disponível e pode levar à perda da oportunidade de arrendar a propriedade a outra pessoa.

Tem uma reserva aprovada e um contrato de arrendamento válido? Para cancelar a sua reserva, contacte o nosso Apoio ao Cliente com o máximo de antecência em relação ao início do seu contrato (o tempo específico e o montante do reembolso depende do tipo de política de cancelamento).

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